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2-Layered 6 Buttercream Frosted Cakes (Servings 6)
and Cheesecakes 6"
Available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Can be adorned with sugar flowers at an additional cost
And of course inscription can also be added

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Regular cupcakes: 12 flavors
Vegan Cupcakes: 1-2 flavors
Gluten Free Cupcakes: 1-2 Flavors

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10 flavors

► Cake Slices

6 or more flavors

► Cookies

2 - 3 flavors

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All our buttercream (based on a Swiss Meringue recipe) frosted products need to be refrigerated. No chemicals or preservatives are added. They will need 3+ hours to return to room temperature before eating otherwise they will be hard and dry. Please handle these products with the care they deserve and enjoy the maximum flavor by serving at room temperature!


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