Coffee Cakes....

Hand crafted from scratch with the best ingredients to create an exceptionally flavorful cake.

Choose from the following flavors:

1. Cinnamon Walnut
2. Caramel
3. Lemon
4. Orange
5. Ginger

6. Apple Walnut
7. Coconut
8. White Chocolate
9. Nuts

Care Instructions:
- Room Temperature: Best enjoyed within 3-5 days. Store your cake in the cellophane
   bag or air tight container.
- Refrigerate: Best eaten within 10 days. Allow approximately 2-3 hours for the cake
   to reach room temperature.
- Freeze: Our coffee cakes freeze beautifully for up to 6-12 months, either whole or
   sliced. Wrap tightly with plastic freezer wrap, and place in a heavy-duty freezer bag.
   The cake is best defrosted by opening the freezer bag and storing at room temperature
   for a few hours. Best enjoyed at room temperature.
   It will taste as fresh as just baked!

Party Coffee Cakes
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Wedding Coffee Cakes

Coffee Cake Gifts
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coffee cake tower

(Package 1)

Two tiered gourmet
coffee cake tower

coffee cake tower

(Package 2)

Three tiered gourmet
coffee cake tower

coffee cake tower

(Package 3)

Gourmet Coffee Cake
Gift Basket

Package Options:
Size: of 8” or 10”

Cinnamon Walnut, Caramel, Lemon, Orange, Ginger, Apple Walnut, Coconut,
White Chocolate, Nuts or Pumpkin

Please call for the Pricing.

Corporate Gift Program

Work Anniversaries, Corporate Milestones, Retirements, Outstanding Employee Achievements, Hosting an Important Meeting, saying Thank You to a Valuable Client; each of these occasions can be made extraordinarily special with a coffee cake from Cakes by Rubina. We can send promotional coffee cakes, gift packaged and if requested with your personalized message, business cards or company letterhead anywhere in the country. These appetizing cakes are memorable and a great economical way of marketing. Inclusions of your personalized greetings,

At Cakes By Rubina we offer a year round discount program for businesses that wish to send gifts either to multiple addresses or perhaps multiple gifts to a single address. Our gifts are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and other special occasions – such as thank you and employee appreciations.

Our mission is to make this a very pleasant and hassle free experience for you. We just request you to send us a list of addresses and we shall take care of everything. We strive to offer our client only the best of the very personal service so please be assured that your complete satisfaction is our goal.

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Coffee cakes at Cakes by Rubina are satisfyingly rich with a buttery texture and excellent flavor. Enjoy our coffee cakes with tea or coffee at breakfast, brunch or really at any time of the day. Great for snacks, picnics or send to school for lunches.

Serve a slice of these cake on it’s own or with ice cream or berries and softly whipped cream.

To serve dust with powdered sugar.


8” - $20.99 --- Serves 8
10” - $34.99 --- Serves 16

Made fresh to order only.



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