Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cakes do you sell?

Please click on the "Cakes" menu to see the types of cakes we offer.

How much do your cakes cost?

Cake prices vary. Please click on the individual cakes in the "Cakes" menu for price and other options. 

What kind of ingredients do you use in your products?
At Cakes by Rubina, we make all of our cakes to order. That means we’re baking them when you order them – no frozen products or cake mixes! All our cakes are lovingly and individually baked from scratch with only the freshest ingredients including Callebaut Belgian chocolate, Vanilla beans, whole milk, heavy cream, buttermilk, fresh eggs, butter, cream cheese and cocoa. This means our cakes not only look beautiful, but they also taste delicious.

Where are you located?

Our business location is 1689 Plymouth Road Ann Arbor, MI.

How can we choose a cake if you do not have a retail store?

We display our cakes online at our website. In today’s world we feel this is a better option…just a click away! Also, we try not to use too much paper and encourage our clients to use our website to view our products. This is a small step towards going green.

Will the cakes that we order be identical to those featured on your website?

Please note that each of our cake designs are hand crafted. Cakes may not look “exactly” as the ones featured though we try our utmost to bake you one as closest to the pictures as possible.

Does your cake menu change?

Please keep visiting our website since we add more cakes to our collection regularly. We strive to give you the best tasting cakes, hence use fresh seasonal ingredients. Our seasonal cakes may not be available all year long.

How do I place an order?

Since our desserts are made fresh to order only, here are some important guidelines to consider when making a selection:

To order a cake, first select your choice of cake from the "Cakes" menu. 
You can place an order via phone 734 7305090 or via email to

Since we limit the number of cakes we bake each day, please order early and send a deposit to secure the date. Any order that is above $100 requires a 25% deposit when ordering.

How many days in advance should I place my order?

The earlier, the better! If possible, we ask that you give us at least one weeks notice.

However for a standard small order, we recommend ordering at least 2-3 days ahead of time to ensure the size and flavor you'd like. For large orders or custom designs, we require an order to be placed at least 7 days in advance.
We bake to order and need the time to prepare and bake. However, in some cases we may be able to accommodate next day orders so call to confirm. The earlier you call, the better able we are to put your order on our baking and decorating schedule.

Payment Method

In addition to cash or check we do accept all major Credit Cards through Paypal. Please click the image for more details.
If I live outside of the Ann Arbor delivery area, can I still place an order?

Yes, you can still place an order.

Do you deliver?

We specialize in personalized gourmet cakes made to order and delivered to your friends and family in Ann Arbor & the surrounding areas. Please click for more details.

What is your cancellation policy?
For small standard orders we require 24 hours notice of a cancellation before the scheduled delivery/pick up time. For larger or custom orders we require a 3-day notice of cancellation. Customer will be liable to pay 50% of the total if the order is cancelled within 24 hours of delivery time for small standard orders and within 3 days of delivery time for larger or custom orders. We will make every attempt to contact the client in the event of a missed pickup date.

Do you make cupcakes?
Yes, we offer a great variety of our signature and custom cupcakes. Click on cupcake menu for further details.

Do you do corporate logo cakes?

We do have the capability of printing corporate logos or images onto cakes and cupcakes. Displaying your corporate logo on one of our creative cake designs is a great way to brand your company. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer Vegan cakes & Eggless cakes?

Yes, we not only offer vegan cakes but also for semi-vegetarians and vegetarians.

Do you offer custom cakes?

Yes. We can design a cake for any occasion. For further information check our custom cake menu.

What are my icing choices?

Our main icing is buttercream and ganache, however depending on the type of cake many other options are available. Please call us at 734 7305090. We also offer fondant.

What is buttercream?

Buttercream is a mixture of butter, sugar and eggs used to fill and frost cakes. We make our buttercream "Swiss meringue" style, which is light and fluffy in texture (never grainy or too sugary). Since we use real butter the best way to enjoy our  buttercream is at room temperature hence the cake needs to be removed from the refrigerator at least an hour before serving to soften the buttercream.

What is ganache?

Ganache is a rich, thick chocolate filling made from melted dark chocolate and cream.

What is fondant?

Fondant is like sugar play dough. We knead it, roll it out in sheets and lay it over the cake. Fondant offers a range of design options for more formal cakes. Most of the cakes you see featured in wedding magazines are covered in fondant. It gives a smooth flawless matte finish, and can be draped, painted on and tinted among other things.

Should I keep my cake refrigerated?

Yes, we recommend you keep all your cakes with perishable frostings and fillings refrigerated if they will not be served within a few hours of purchase. Remove cakes from the refrigerator at least an hour prior to serving to bring it back to room temperature.

However, try to avoid refrigerating cakes that are without perishable frostings and fillings because it dries a cake. You can keep them at room temperature to maintain freshness and moisture. Make sure you wrap them with plastic wrap and/or foil.

Food Allergens & Sensitivities/I am allergic to nuts, can I consume your products?

We do not encourage the consumption of our products if you are allergic to nuts or nut oils. Our equipment may have come in contact with these ingredients during the baking process. While we will do our best to accommodate our customers’ special requests, we cannot guarantee with 100% confidence that the product will be nut free.

If you have a question that is not answered above, please contact us at 734 7305090 or via email to


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