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Hello, I ordered my first cake from Rubina for my daughter's 3rd birthday; we will never order any place else! When I came to Rubina I was able to show her various pictures and have her put them together in an original way. Her sense of creativity makes the cakes come to life. Many other places put limitations on the cakes based on size but Rubina will take your desires and adjust it in a way that not only works for your particular needs but looks fabulous. As much as we all want our cakes to look good everyone wants the cake to taste good; with the cake we got I had guests who do not like cake going back for seconds. The flavor of the cake and the texture of the filling was so fabulous even the adults were using their fingers to lick what was left on their plates. Rubina, herself, is absolutely lovely to work with. She is very flexible; we had to change our cake order the last minute and she adjusted everything at a very reasonable cost. I recommend Cakes by Rubina to everyone looking for a cake for any occasion!

....Tiffany Alexander

The cake was delicious! Thanks so much. It was a huge hit.

....Anna Grzymala-Busse

We LOVED our Raspberry chocolate Cake. You'll probably hear from us again in mid-April, a week or two prior to our wedding anniversary.

....Andy Kellman

Thank you so much. Other than a little rain we had a wonderful day. The cupcakes were wonderful! Everyone loved them

....Ann Hartman

Chocolate Raspberry Almond cake was delicious…thanks so much.

....Anjali Dubey

Sculpted Elephant cake was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much! The engagement chocolate mousse cake w/chocolate coated strawberries turned out amazing and everybody loved it! Thanks so much for all your hard work.

....Ashish Shah

Your White Chocolate Cake w/Piroulines was much appreciated and relished ..thank you very much for making all the arrangements.

....Bhuwan Kulshresta

All the vegan cakes/cupcakes were an absolute hit with everyone. Thanks so much.

....Gwendolyn J. Brown

The custom logo cake was a success! I gave your address to other people that became interested on your product. Thanks for your high level of quality, in service and in product!

....Homero Busnello

My dad said ice cream cake was a wonderful surprise and everyone asked about the cake maker. Thanks!

...Cory Dunnick

The custom vegan cake for my son’s birthday was gobbled up and a big hit. Very moist and delicious.

....Coleen Borgia

Loved, loved, loved the vegan pumkin cupcakes… will need some for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to apple ones when I am in Ann Arbor next!

....Debra Levantrosser Setman

I’ve been meaning to call you or e-mail you to let you know that the chocolate cake with strawberry cream cake was AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for such a great job! People at the baptism told me that it was the best cake they ever had. Thanks again!!

....Ana Dora

My daughter got her cupcakes on Wednesday at the agreed time. She was very surprised and said they were very good. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

....Doris Ullrich Miller

I can't describe the impact your cake had on our family party. What a fabulous, delicious cake! The chocolate, the raspberries, the mousse interior -- absolute perfection. A work of art. Thank you for enhancing my wife's birthday.

....Edwin Hoffman

Just wanted to let you know that the Chocolate peanut Butter Cake was FANTASTIC!!! My wife had a party with 8 of her girlfriends to celebrate her birthday, and they all RAVED about it - one is an events planner/coordinator, so if it's OK with you I can pass your name along to see if she can work you into her portfolio.

....Eric White

I wanted to thank you for a beautiful assortment of cupcakes, strawberries and an amazing piano cake. I think everyone got a picture of the piano cake. No one had ever seen one so beautiful before. You are amazing. I would like to get the cupcake stands back to you- they went beautifully with the Indian themed tablecloths that we used for the tables. Thanks for making the recitals a unique experience for all!

....Heidi Robb

The Sculpted Prime Optimus cake went over very well. Tyler loved it! And so did everyone else who saw it. I have already had to give your number to a few different people, because they liked the work so much. Thank you again for doing this cake it really made his birthday.

....Helena Semanisin

Thank you very much for accommodating my very late request for a cake last Friday. The cake was delivered on time as you promised and I was told that it was delicious. Many thanks!

....Janka Moss

The ladies loved your cake. Thanks for making a special day even better!

....Jeff Buss

The vegan cookies ‘n cream and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes were absolutely delicious.. a big hit!! Thanks again.

....Julia S

I was so happy with the white chocolate cake and have been giving everybody your number. THANK YOU!

....Kimberly Scott

Steve loved the Lemon Berry Cake!!! Everyone was impressed with the cake and the lemon curd added a nice touch to the cake. Thanks!! If I need a group cake, I will definitely use CakesbyRubina again!!

....Lexandra Creitz

The sculpted Camaro cake was such a hit! It looked and tasted great! Everyone loved all the details, including the licence plate! Great Job. I was actually going to inquire about another cake for early November. Such a great Job, really! Thank You

....Lindsay Carrier

I just wanted to tell you that we absolutely LOVED the graduation cake. It was a huge hit and nobody could get over how amazing it looked! Tasted great too! The bartender also asked me where we got the cake because he may want to use you for an event! Thank you so much again, I know you worked hard very quickly!

....Lindsey Rankin

Fantastic R2D2 cake - so many comments about how amazing it was! I think it's pretty hard to beat that one. The cake was a huge success - people were AMAZED!! Thank you SO MUCH; I really didn't want to eat it but it tasted great (although I still have a little bit left!).

....Louise O’ Brien

I want to thank you for the beautiful cake at my daughter's wedding last week. I had my doubts about the black and white color scheme, but it was lovely! More importantly, it was delicious. Your buttercream is delectable. Thank you for helping make a memorable evening.

....Lynn Wolfgram

Thank you so much for the lovely cakes for the bridal shower last Sunday. I put the two antique floral cake plates at different heights and they were so pretty! The ribbons were so elegant and just right! Everyone loved the way they looked and the way they tasted...especially the bride! I gave her your brochure! Thanks again for helping to make my party special! I'll be in touch!

....Mary Buckingham

My son loved the cupcakes specially the lemon flavor. Thanks for your effort for making sure he got the cupcakes he wanted on his birthday. That was great!

....Pari Jamnia

Ok— my daughter loves the photo topper cupcakes — huge hit!!!! Thank you so much!

....Regina McConahay

Great job!! Thank you.

....Ron Greenspan

I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the amazing job you did on this order! The cupcakes turned out amazing looking, and my future sister-in-law raved about how wonderful they tasted. It was a pleasure working with you and we will be sure to use you again in the future! Thank you!

....Roshini Thomas

My friend said that they were the "world's best carrot cupcakes!" Thanks so much for everything! I will absolutely recommend your business to my family and friends in Michigan! Best.

....Sahana Ullagaddi

Just wanted to let you know that your cake was a big hit at the birthday party on Saturday. Several guests declared it to be the best Boston Cream Pie they'd ever had and I agreed with them. Absolutely delicious (and beautiful). I am already thinking about ordering another cake or two for events in June. Best of luck in your business venture!

....Salli Christenson

oh yeh, my friend really liked the ice cream truffle cake. Thanks.

....Senny Lim

I wanted to tell you the cupcakes were delicious! Many compliments including my husband! He said: “finally a cupcake that has a moist batter” He loved the icing too! I will tell my friends!

....Sharon Snyder

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the beautiful cake that you made for us for our party yesterday. I looked perfect and was such a lovely surprise for all of the mother’s in attendance. We appreciate all of your help and patience. You were a delight to work with and we will definitely recommend you to our friends.

....Stef Tate

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful cake you made for my son’s graduation. We had many complements on both the design and the flavor. It was very tasty. We have a little over half of the cake left over though, so I put it in my freezer. Thank you again for a wonderful cake!

....Sue Zieske



Thanks very much--the cupcakes were a huge hit, both with the preschoolers, and with the teachers. (The birthday boy loved the chocolate ones, especially.) THank you so much--we'll definitely be recommending you!

....Anna Grzymala-Busse

The ice cream cake was fantastic and my daughter was thrilled! We enjoyed it this weekend as well!

....Audra Asher

I've been recommending you to people all week! The Raspberry Cream Chocolate Cake was delectable, and perfectly fresh for a summer birthday treat. Fortunately, I was given the leftovers to consume at will. Thank you for our meeting, and for making my dad's 60th so scrumptious. The entire family cleaned their plates.

....Jennifer Bonnet

I wanted to tell you that we loved the cake and cupcakes for my son's birthday this past August. No one even suspected they were vegan!! In fact, I've never seen so many requests for seconds and thirds. We will definitely use you again for our children's parties. Thank you again.

....Coleen Borgia

We met with Rubina in the summer of 2008, shortly after finding her through an online ad. We were looking for a mix of cupcake flavors for our wedding reception, and we were floored when, upon meeting her, she had 12 individually decorated & flavored cupcakes for us to taste. These were not simply slabs of cake that had been pulled out of a freezer with frosting to "imagine" what a product might be like. Her
attention to detail was impeccable. Flash forward 10 months later, and she came through with flying colors for our ceremony. Our cake was just outstanding (choc. ganache w/ choc. curls) and guests devoured the cupcakes. We'd budgeted 1/guest, but we should have been more generous, as they disappeared as some guests kept sampling! We know because individuals said that they loved trying "all" of the flavors!!! We've enjoyed working with all of our wedding vendors, but we are especially excited to rave about Cakes by Rubina. You will not be disappointed with the final product! Again, best of luck to your business. We are rooting for you!

....Dave and Kelly Lessens

The Hungarian coffee cake was fabulous! It was highly enjoyed by all. Thank you.

....Deb Overbey

My mom was thrilled!! Said it was the best cake she had ever eaten. Thank you again for helping me to make her birthday special.

....Deborah Blankenship

Thank you so much for participating in Save A Heart this year - your goodies were so beautiful and very tasty too. The lemon curd cupcakes were fantastic!! I really appreciate how much work went into the preparation for this event and hope you all had a good time and an opportunity to walk around and see the rest of the event as well. I hope you will consider joining us again next year, you were a great addition to the event.
With Gratitude...Deb

....Deborah Lewis

The cupcake tower was fantastic! My daughter loved it! You’re a hit!

....Debbie Robins

You made a cake for our party last week on a very very short notice. I have to say that its "the best cake" I had till now, including some really good ones in India. My friends loved it and I am glad I kept patience in my google search to reach your location. I will soon be calling you to place another order for Friday evening. Thanks again for making such a wonderful cake in a short time period.

....Divesh Mittal

We just got in the door and I just thought I should email you and let you know the cake was wonderful. The design was amazing! I was asked who made it, so you may get a call for another one whose child loves Thomas. I got compliments on how the cake tasted too! I loved the butter cream..way better than plain old vanilla! Lucas even ate some and wouldn’t touch his cake at all last year. So thank you for adding a very special touch to our party which was wonderful!

.....Donna Johansson

My sister absolutely loved the cupcakes! And she thought the presentation was lovely, too. She mentioned that the box and the balloon were lovely and that your delivery was a nice touch too. Thank you for a wonderful birthday surprise!

....Emily Thorne

I hope all is well. I just wanted to thank you for making the most wonderful red velvet cake! Everyone loved the cake and it tasted amazing! Even one of the guests said that it's so beautiful, it looks like a wedding cake! Thank you so much again!


Just to let you know the cakes were a huge hit. I LOVED the Turkish rice cake!! And the orange poppy seed cake was terrific. The Austrian chocolate torte was great flavor and the crème was needed for certain like you suggested but enough people were there who had actually eaten that cake before so knew the crème need. Can’t wait for another reason to order. Cannot thank you enough.

....Gae Win

The cake was fantastic. Everyone commented on how good it was. Thank you very much for helping us celebrate Aidan's first birthday. I will be speaking with you soon for Kyle's birthday.

....Mary Gulliver

I had occasion to devour one of your cakes after a wedding. Absolutely stupendous.
Never compromise.

....Robert Tulloch

The 3D cake that I had asked Rubina to make was definitely a random one, but
luckily she had the skill to work off of a few internet pictures and created the
PERFECT cake for my mom's birthday. We all were so impressed with the quality of
the cake, we couldn't have been more happy.

....Hallie Griffin

My brother and several of his vegan friends LOVED your vegan chocolate fudge cupcakes. He said that they were the best chocolate cupcakes he's ever had! Thanks so much for helping to make his birthday special! My brother told all his friends the name of your bakery so I expect that you will be getting some business from them (definitely me as my brother will be in Ann Arbor for another 5 years doing his PhD).

....Jaclyn Cardazo


....Mona Patel

Everyone loved the cake, it was delicious. Especially heard lots of comments on how much they liked the icing.

....Carol Koch

My husband ordered 2 dozen of the individual chocolate mini cakes from you last week. There were delicious! We love them! Thank you.

....Liley Tulloch

The Tool Box cake was amazing. No one could believe it was a cake. And it looked great and tasted great! Thanks again for all your help! Can't wait to plan my next cake!

....Lisa Bruck

Perfect cake - and PERFECT delivery! Thanks so much for making this a very delightful birthday for Anna!

....Kathie Timm

My family thoroughly enjoyed the delicious Raspberry Cream Vanilla Cake. It was very flavorful for such a simple (and elegant) cake. And the presentation was lovely. My husband and I (both of us enjoy baking) could taste that the very best ingredients were used. Thank you very much for the opportunity to try your wonderful cakes! I will certainly recommend your business and website to my friends who like to entertain and are often in need of a special occasion cake. Thank you very much!

....Louisa Griffes

Thank you so much for the wonderful cake!! It was a huge hit at the party.....the kids, parents, and fire fighters LOVED it!!! I really didn't want to cut it but I guess that's what it was for. As you can see from the photos, we managed to bring some home and blow candles out again with the grandparents on the webcam via England! The cake tastes delicious and I have probably gained 10lbs now because I can't stop eating it! Thank you very much - we'll be back for the next one.

....Louise, Nigel, and Joshua

My son was very happy and he enjoyed his birthday sharing such nice White Chocolate Cake w/Piroulines. Best regards and thank you again.

....Mariana Fliman (from Chile)

I just wanted to let you know that the Boston Red Sox cake for my husband's birthday this past Sunday was a big hit! The frosting and cake were delicious, everyone loved it. Thanks for your help!


The sculpted train engine cake was wonderful (looks and taste). My son couldn't wait to show everyone.Thank you.

....Martha Kue

The tiered cake was beautiful and delicious. Everyone loved it. Thank you very much for your time and talents.

.....Mary Hall (International Samaritan)

The chocolate cake was MARVELOUS!! Not only great tasting, but very beautiful as well!!!! We so appreciate your willingness to add us to your busy weekend. My daughter was very pleased. I'm looking forward to our next Cake by Rubina!

....Mary Hirzel

The wedding cake was amazing! Beautiful, elegant and delicious. I will also recommend you to everyone! Thank you so very much! Best.

....Maria Zaborniak

I just want to let you know that your cakes were a huge success! Everybody loved them and thought they were superb! Thanks again!

....Michele Knezek

The sculpted volleyball cake was a hit!! It looked so real that a couple of people thought it was a real ball. So we had to put someone in charge of keeping an eye on it. The cake also tasted great. The whole thing was a lot of fun. Thanks so much for doing it for us.
Thanks again for everything!

....Michelle Elder

Everybody loved the raspberry chocolate almond cake including my wife and me. Many people asked me where I got it from. If this does not grow your business, nothing will! The only problem with the cake was that I forgot to bring the leftover home after the party. Thank you very much,

....Mike Adzemovic

Beyond my expectations!!!!! This replica of his boat was a huge hit. Seriously, my husband did not want to cut it and we didn't until the next day. If he could have preserved it, he would have. Thank you.

....Myriam LeimbacK

The retirement cake was a big hit! Thanks so much. I have already recommended you to many of my friends that attended the party!


Your carrot cake was a big hit with my daughter. Her roommate has a birthday coming up next week and the mother wanted to know where I got that great cake (obviously the daughter had raved about it). So hats off to you for doing a great job and I hope this leads to more cake sales!

....Pam Newhouse

Our wedding cake was fantastic! The cake is almost gone we all loved it so much!! We are already thinking about ordering a mini cake for our anniversary next year. It was such a pretty cake and tasty too! Thanks again, it was perfect!!

....Noreen Pincomb

My sister said "It was perfect" – very nice and very tasty


My Mum and Dad were positively thrilled by your cake - they sent me a few pictures and it looked amazing, from the packaging to the cake itself. They confirmed that it tasted as good as it looked! I am so glad to have found your service and will absolutely be ringing you again for future occasions - I will also recommend you to all my friends in the area! My Mum said she would definitely hang on to your card for future occasions.Thanks so much for the wonderful cake and wonderful service!

....Kelly Skinner

The cake was a big hit in yesterday's event. Everyone loved the decoration on the cake. The eggless cake was awesome too. The moment you have your recipe for eggless sheet cakes, we sure will be your first customers! Thank you.

....Smitha & Rishi

I ordered a birthday pumpkin cheesecake from you a couple weeks ago, and I just wanted to say thanks! The cake was excellent and a big hit at the party! Best of luck with the business!

....Tristan Pruss

Cake was great! I had a lot of people compliment it! Thank you very much!

....Valery LaRocca

The chocolate ricotta sheet cake was delicious and we received so many compliments last night at the party. My daughter, Gina, said, "The cake was delicious and exactly what I wanted."  Her husband, NIck, said "The cake was light and moist and the frosting was creamy and not overly sweet."  My granddaughter, Micaela, said "I love the frosting, it was the best cake I ever had." Again, thank you, you service was excellent.


The cheesecakes were awesome.  My family saw the Pumpkin Cheesecake that I ordered for the school Fall Social, and decided they wanted to keep it.  It was amazing.  I will need another Pumpkin Cheesecake for this Friday!

....Laura Easthope 

Thank you very much for your recent donation of four of your yummy coffee cakes! We all truly appreciated them. Again, many thanks for your generous contribution.

....Janice K. Nelson

Thank you so much for making my son's birthday party so memorable.  The cake was the highlight of the day!  My son was delighted and refused to allow me to cut into the truck design.  We are slowly savoring the cake at home.  As for the cupcakes, our guests were very happy with the mocha cupcakes.  Many commented that they are tired of standard chocolate and vanilla cupcakes at children's parties and that hosts often forget about the parents.  I passed on your website to everyone.  One guest was especially interested to hear that you deliver.  Anyway, many thanks for your hard work, eye for details, and excellent customer service!

....Linh Song 

The cakes were AMAZING, lots of compliments, I'll send pictures later for you. YUM-O. Thanks!

....Ruthann Thorne

The cakes from Cakes By Rubina are simply delicious and stood out from any store bought cakes. They were very flavorful. I also felt good knowing that they were made with healthier ingredient choices.

.... Azhar Piracha

I’ve ordered a number of different cakes from Rubina -- everything from an upside-down pineapple, cheesecake, carrot cake and a beautiful chocolate ricotta cake for a baby shower. Rubina was incredibly patient in working with me to understand what I wanted and she far exceeded my expectations with all of my orders. With each of the cakes, the taste was unique (unbelievably delicious!) and unlike anything I would be able to get at my local grocery or bakery - - and not to mention all beautifully classic in appearance and professionally packaged. Cakes by Rubina will have my business for years to come

.... Laura Easthope

Rubina's cakes are wonderful! I ordered the zucchini chocolate cake for Christmas. It was so rich, moist and chocolaty. A real quality treat that you could never buy in a store! My second order, was a Valentine's chocolate-orange cake with orange curd filling. Another joy for the senses... beautifully decorated, with simple elegance and a perfect balance of chocolate and orange. Rubina is a perfectionist and she will not disappoint you. I have tasted other cakes by Rubina at her open house and my next order will be the Chocolate-ricotta or the Coconut cake or maybe the Austalian Poppyseed... I can't make up my mind yet. It is SO hard!

.... Silvana Graf, Interior Design and Photography

Rubina's cakes are not only beautiful but delicious as well. I love that everything is from scratch and only natural ingredients are used. Her cakes are a great value and her professionalism makes her a pleasure to work with!

.... Susan Todoroff

I want to thank you for the wonderful Australian Orange Poppy Seed Cake. I attended the Cake Tasting Open House and tried most of the beautiful cakes. I must admit that the Australian Orange Poppy Seed Cake was one of my favorites. I was absolutely amazed to discover that I had won my favorite cake. The Orange Poppy Seed Cake has a delicate flavor and the poppy seeds add a unique texture to the body of the cake. I shared it with some of my coworkers at Huron High. Everyone agreed that it is a fabulous cake! I hope your business will grow and thrive.

.... Andra Warsinske

The cake sampling was excellent. The presentation was beautiful, the service was very friendly and welcoming, and we left with happy taste-buds! We believe that your passion for cakes will lead to a strong following, and a successful business. We wish you luck with your new company, and look forward to the German Chocolate Cake and your business in the future!

.... Suzannah & John MacDonald

Your cakes at the sampling event were absolutely delicious.

.... Sharon Burgess

The cakes were excellent. They look and taste wonderful. I will definitely recommend them to anyone.

.... Nicholas Ferguson, Flagstar Bank

I am glad you are open and offer so much variety.

... Alicia Williams, Associaion for Asian Studies

Excellent selection with nothing tasting “box cake like or artificial”.

... Diana M. Kuenzli, The Polo Fields Golf & Country Club

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